Understanding the time, costs, and filing processes required by Federal and State requirements allows us to assist franchisors in creating competent documents in support of a franchisor’s needs. We provide deliverables of the following:

  • Federal Disclosure Document
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Area Developer/Master Franchise Agreement
  • Operations Manual
  • Training Manual


Developing a franchise sales platform is a common practice in scope and application. But having a franchisor focus on providing its development and growth under a franchise “award” platform is one which places value of the franchise brand front and center. Developing the platform of an award program has us focus on the value proposition the franchise brings to the prospect and a need to qualify for the opportunity to be part of a select franchise entity.  Our award platform strategy provides:

  • Multi-Tiered Integration of Strategic Development Opportunities
  • Franchise Award Criteria Platform
  • Market Sources in Lead Development Venues
  • Discovery Day
  • Franchise Disclosure
  • Franchise Agreement Execution


Strategic to the development to a franchisors system is the brick and mortar applications of defining the right site characteristics for the franchise brand. A combination of physical need and characteristics of the brick and mortar aspects of a premier site combined with progressive demographic data with current and projected rent expenses has to be baked into the “Site Criteria” platform a franchise system adopts. Understanding how all these attributes effect a competent site criteria platform can have a significant impact on your franchise system growth and expenses.  We provide real estate services of the following:

  • Development of a competent “Site Criteria” profile
  • Demographic and Market Data Integration
  • Local, Regional, Nationwide Broker Oversight
  • Development of Site Packages w/ Site Survey
  • Pre Store Design Application to Site
  • LOI Development and Oversight


A core strength of 360 is our background in store design including architecture, interior design, store planning, and branding and merchandising applications. Our design team is able to provide franchisors creative conceptual designs of proposed brand concepts, preliminary designs of proposed locations, architectural plans and documents for construction projects. Depth of services provided include:

  • Conceptual Designs / 3D renderings / Spatial Studies
  • Feasibility Studies on Design / Costing Requirements
  • Store Planning
  • Architectural Plans
  • Interior Design
  • Master Design Development Documents
  • Fixture & Cabinetry Designs
  • Graphic & Internal Branding Design
  • Scrub of Franchisor Overall Design Development Program/Applications/Field Support


Along with our design services platform, we are able to work with a franchisor in defining the master store design template and its various specification needs in building out the brand model from the ground up. Importance of creating these specifications early on is purely a cost driven need that will have a significant impact to the franchise systems growth strategy and franchisee spend. A tight Item 7 built from experienced assessment practices and proven trades understanding and materials sourcing can have upwards of a 40% savings from traditional franchise practices supplied by third parties. We provide detailed deliverables in:

  • Overall Store Design Specification Review- Operational / Customer / Brand Applications
  • Flooring
  • Fixtures & Cabinetry
  • Wall treatments
  • Graphics & Signage
  • Merchandising
  • Lighting
  • General Code Survey @ Material Applications


Hand in hand to Specification Development is the need to source and engage the “right” vendors for the development and support of the brick and mortar franchise network. We specialize in defining, vetting, and engaging suppliers that can partner with a franchisor in the needs and under the arrangements that are favorable to the franchisor/franchisee. Our oversight includes establishing cost considerations, green materials use, distribution and logistics in network support , and established front end / back end field support capabilities. Our detailed services include:

  • Vendor Criteria Development
  • Vendor Specialty / Market Coverage
  • Vendor RFP Oversight
  • Costing Analytics
  • Contract Development
  • Distribution & Logistics Support


Unique to 360 under our brick and mortar development umbrella in support services is our ability to develop a cost effective store build platform designed specific to the franchisors needs. All cost parameters associated with the franchise store model are “scrubbed” for all trades involvement, construction requirements, costing, development timelines and all third party resources employed to facilitate the buildout. A reverse engineering of the collective impact of these trades and build requirements is employed by 360 to vet out areas of cost overages and areas that would cause potential delays in a build program. Our oversight services include:

  • Scrub of master build requirements by trade
  • Development of master “Construction Standards Manual”
  • Development of franchisors internal construction support discipline
  • Construction Administration Oversight on behalf of franchisor
  • Study to validate use of franchise friendly outsource service providers
  • Item 7 Development
  • Local, Regional, National Construction Network


Relative to any final brick and mortar buildout is the presentation of the franchisors brand experience to its customers. Our ability to understand, enhance, and implement ideas and options to a franchisor for the collective experience within its four walls is unprecedented. 360 combines its experience in the design build function of a franchise model with its ability to integrate marketing enhancements at all levels of applications, trades, costs, and final deliverables to ensure a more professional, strategic, cost efficient presentation than a franchisor can develop using significant outsourced trades to duplicate the same. Services include:

  • Development of Brand Standards Manuals
  • Development of Brand Image Compliance Manual
  • Integration of Store Design, Operations, Marketing & Messaging into Image Brand Platform
  • Development of Franchise System Image Compliance Standards and Applications